Code of Conduct

The Australian Coaching Institute Code of Conduct has been developed to guide consumers in their dealings with coaching businesses in Australia. The Code applies to all coaching companies, coach training organisations and allied service providers within the coaching industry that are members of the Australian Coaching Institute.

The Code sets a standard of consumer protection and professional conduct of practitioners.

The Code’s main objectives are:

  • to set a benchmark for consumer protection in the coaching industry
  • to set standards of business practice and service delivery that protect consumers financially and promote their wellbeing

Australian Coaching Institute Code of Conduct

The Australian Coaching Institute Code of Conduct requires that all coaching practitioners shall:

  • apply fair, reasonable and honest business principles when dealing with clients and others;
  • respect people’s individuality and be non-judgemental;
  • establish respectful partnerships with clients to promote a sense of mutual responsibility for achieving optimal outcomes;
  • respect the confidentiality, privacy and security of client information;
  • not provide false or misleading information to clients;
  • not use false or misleading advertising or marketing practices;
  • deliver services fairly, courteously and effectively;
  • acknowledge the boundaries of their competence and shall provide services and use interventions only for which they are qualified by training and experience;
  • strive for excellence in the services they provide and make every effort to assist the client achieve their desired goals;
  • not disclose information about a client without the clients permission, unless such a disclosure is permissible or required by law;
  • not make commitments that have the potential to produce a conflict of interest with their professional integrity or primary obligation to clients;
  • not sell, supply, endorse, or promote services or goods in ways that exploit their professional relationships with clients;
  • not exploit their professional relationships with clients;
  • not denigrate professional colleagues;
  • manage client complaints in a professional, sensitive and timely manner;
  • have appropriate and adequate professional indemnity insurance; and,
  • demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning.

Download a copy of the Australian Coaching Institute Code of Conduct

Complaints Resolution Procedure

For any person that wishes to make a complaint in relation to the Code of Conduct place your complaint in writing and forward to the Australian Coaching Institute office or email to:

We will provide written acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint and action being taken to resolve the complaint.

The Board of Advisors will oversee all complaint resolutions.

Where a complaint cannot be resolved by the ACI, the coaching organisation must advise you of your right to refer the complaint to the ACCC.

Where a breach of the Code is established, the Board of Advisors will recommend that certain corrective action be taken. The ACI will promptly notify you of its decision.

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